Dr. Jasminka Majdandžić


T: +43-1-4277-47242

E: jasminka.majdandzic@univie.ac.at

Room 01.41

Music & Health Lab

Department of Applied Psychology: Health, Development, Enhancement and Intervention

Liebiggasse 5

1010 Wien

Research interests

  • Effects of music listening on stress and immune response
  • Behavioural and neurobiological links between social bonding and approach/avoidance motivation
  • Behavioural and neurobiological mechanisms linking movement synchrony, social bonding and pain tolerance
  • Effects of similarity and group bonding on social influence and conformity in pro- and antisocial behaviour
  • Mentalizing and how it affects empathy and prosocial decision making
  • Links between motor mimicry and social behaviour (empathy, prosocial decision making)



Tomova, L., Majdandžić, J., Hummer, A., Windischberger,C., Heinrichs, M., & Lamm, C. (2017). Increased neural responses to empathy for pain might explain how acute stress increases prosociality. Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci. Abstract PDF

Majdandžić, J., Amashaufer S., Hummer, A., Windischberger, C., & Lamm, C. (2016). The selfless mind: How prefrontal involvement in mentalizing with similar and dissimilar others shapes empathy and prosocial behavior. Cognition, 157, 24-38. Abstract PDF

Rauchbauer, B., Majdandžić, J., Stieger, S., & Lamm, C. (2016). The modulation of mimicry by ethnic group membership and emotional expressions. PLoS ONE, 11(8): e0161064. Abstract PDF

Rauchbauer, B., Majdandžić, J., Hummer, A., Windischberger, C., & Lamm, C. (2015). Distinct neural processes are engaged in the modulation of mimicry by social-group membership and emotional expressions. Cortex, 70, 49-67. Abstract PDF

Lamm, C. & Majdandžić, J. (2015). The role of shared neural activations, mirror neurons, and morality in empathy – A critical comment. Neuroscience Research, 90C, 15-24. Abstract PDF

Ugazio, G., Majdandžić J. & Lamm, C. (2013) Are empathy and morality linked? Insights from Moral Psychology, Social and Decision Neuroscience, and Philosophy. In: Empathy in Morality. Maibom, H. (ed.). Oxford University Press Abstract PDF

Majdandžić J., Bauer H., Windischberger C., Moser M., Engl E., & Lamm, C. (2012). The human factor: Behavioral and neural correlates of humanized perception in moral decision making. PLoS ONE, 7(10), 1-14. Abstract PDF

Majdandžić J,  Bekkering H, van Schie HT, & Toni I. (2009). Movement-specific repetition suppression in ventral and dorsal premotor cortex during action observation.  Cerebral Cortex 19(11), 2736-2745 Abstract PDF

Grol MJ, Majdandžić J, Stephan KE, Verhagen L, Dijkerman HC, Bekkering H, Verstraten FA, & Toni I. (2007). Parieto-frontal connectivity during visually guided grasping. Journal of Neuroscience 27, 11877-11887. Abstract PDF

Majdandžić J, Grol MJ, van Schie HT, Verhagen L, Toni I, &  Bekkering H. (2007). The role of immediate and final goals in action planning: An fMRI study. NeuroImage, 37(2), 589-598. Abstract PDF

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PhD thesis

Majdandžić, J. (2010) Cerebral mechanisms of processing action goals in self and others. Radboud University Nijmegen PDF