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Currently there are NO open positions available (04/2023)

 Master thesis / Internship positions

COMET for Kid: A comprehensive mental health literacy training for primary school children”


Child Mental Health Literacy (MHL)
Children's knowledge and attitude towards MH/MHL, main MH issues in the age group.
Students will support workshops in schools and analyse qualitative and quantitative data on MHL.

Measuring Mental Health (MH) in Children 
Quantitative measures' feasibility. change sensitivity, child-friendly language, use of momentary ecological assessment (EMA) in children.
Students will support and analyse the developing and pilot testing of questionnaires and EMA in schools  

Virtual Reality Measures 
Existing VR measure/mental health training/game for children or adults.
Students will support and analyse pilot testing of VR in schools (physiological responses) 

Mental Health Literacy in Teachers
Teachers' attitudes towards MH and knowledge about (a) own MHL. (b) teaching MHL / child MHL. (c) existing support system for children/teachers.
Students will support and analyse teacher focus groups and MHL questionnaire pilot testing.

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  • good communication skills
  • reliability
  • flexible schedule to accommodate workshops
  • fluent in German and English (data will be in German, thesis in English)



  • supporting literature review
  • interdisciplinary work
  • workshops with children and teacher focus groups
  • exploring novel methodology
  • working with qualitative and quantitative date

ANBEL project – Reward Processing in Anorexia Nervosa

(updated 18.04.2023)

We are looking for interns and master students joining our team from May-June 2023.
(N.B. To do the master thesis we can only accept students with Master Schwerpunkt: Clinical and Health Psychology/ Klinische und Gesundheitspsychologie) 

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Aim of the project: investigate the differences in the processing of food and social rewards in young patients suffering from anorexia nervosa, as compared to healthy controls.

> More information about the ANBEL-Project here

Research methods: neuroimaging measures (fMRI, DTI, MRSI), behavioral measures (e.g. subjective ratings) and physiological measures (facial EMG).

You will learn about:

  • Psychological constructs related to reward processing
  • Psychopathological conditions related to eating disorders
  • Application of neuroscientific methods and data analysis (fMRI, EMG, behavioral& psychometric measures)
  • Practice of clinical & neuroscientific research (study design, group management, participants/patients handling)

We expect from you:

  • proficiency in spoken and written German and English
  • high motivation to participate in the project
  • a keen interest in clinical neuroscience and research methods
  • reliability, flexibility, organizational skills, a flair for team working

When: experiments take place every Monday afternoon

Where: Vienna General Hospital: Hochfeld MR-Zentrum AKH

Who: supervised by Giorgia Silani and Emilio Chiappini

OXY project

(updated 20/04/2023)

We are offering positions for master theses/ internships!

Due to the study design, we are currently looking for male master students/interns only. Unfortunately, we cannot offer master theses to female students right now. This is exclusively related to the design of the study and does not reflect a selection due to any other criteria.

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  • Flyer for interested students