"Mein Weg" - mentoring programme for students with flight experience

Students from the University of Vienna are offering students support in the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities and the University of Vienna. This takes the form of the evidence-based Mein Weg (my way) manual and its application during group meetings to cope with stress and problems. 



Any time starting in March/April

The programme is free of charge.

You can register at any time: You can register and start any time until mid of April.

Registration at: unisus.psy@univie.ac.at

Please provide your first name and last name, e-mail address and preferred time slots (When is a good time for group meetings? On which date do you want to start?)

You and your friends can be together in a group. If this is the case, please indicate this in your e-mail to us. 

Welcome to "Mein Weg" (my way)

“Mein Weg” (my way) follows a pedagogical, trauma-focused approach for people who have experienced flight.

For whom: Students who have experienced flight and who are enrolled on the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities or the University of Vienna and show mild or moderate (post-traumatic) stress symptoms

From whom: Master’s students in Psychology and Education at the University of Vienna

Who: 2 Austrian students and 4-6 refugee students 

When: once a week for 90 minutes each, during 8 weeks, Mon-Fri, from 18:00 or Saturday, whole day

Where: Rooms of the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities, Sechshauser Strasse 33A, 1150 Vienna

What: Mein Weg (my way) is a type of workbook, which serves as a basis for working on certain topics individually and in a group.

What is it exactly/What does it address:

1. Facilitating arrival and settling in easily in Austria, managing everyday life better, orientation

2. Skill training to cope better with stress individually: Stress and problem-solving strategies are developed 

3. Understanding, processing and coping with experiences students have had

4. Becoming stronger, more stable and stress-resilient → strengthening resilience

5. Opportunity for exchange in the group and to support each other

6. The session of 90 minutes is divided into group and individual activities, to work on personal issues

7. The last meeting serves as a graduation ceremony


Our Mentors