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Chiappini, E., Silani, G., Lundström, J. N., & Korb, S. (2023). Facial Electromyography in Food Research in a Behavioral and MR Setting. in M. Bensafi (Hrsg.), Basic Protocols on Emotions, Senses, and Foods (S. 185-201). Springer US.

Conway, L. G., Woodard, S. R., Zubrod, A., Tiburcio, M., Martínez-Vélez, N. A., Sorgente, A., Lanz, M., Serido, J., Vosylis, R., Fonseca, G., Lep, Ž., Li, L., Zupančič, M., Crespo, C., Relvas, A. P., Papageorgiou, K. A., Gianniou, F. M., Truhan, T., Mojtahedi, D., ... Balmores-Paulino, R. (2022). How culturally unique are pandemic effects? Evaluating cultural similarities and differences in effects of age, biological sex, and political beliefs on COVID impacts. Frontiers in Psychology, 13, [937211].

Weibel, R. P., Kerr, J. I., Naegelin, M., Ferrario, A., Schinazi, V. R., La Marca, R., Hoelscher, C., Nater, U. M., & von Wangenheim, F. (2023). Virtual reality-supported biofeedback for stress management: Beneficial effects on heart rate variability and user experience. Computers in Human Behavior, 141, [107607].

Zeige Ergebnisse 1 - 10 von 863