Mag. Christian Gold, PhD
Christian Gold

My scientific work is about connecting randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and social/cognitive/affective neuroscience to understand how cultural activities such as music can be used to promote health. My current research can be described as translational, in several ways: translating between basic and applied research; between clinical and statistical thinking; between languages and cultures.
I spent the first decade of my career with music and music therapy; the second with clinical trials and biostatistics; and the third with neuroscience. I moved from Germany to Vienna to study music; then went to Scandinavia to conduct clinical research with direct societal relevance; and then connected back to Central Europe to integrate aspects of basic research. My PhD, a large non-randomised study, taught me the importance of large samples and of randomisation. Over the years, I have conducted or contributed to RCTs across many countries (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Columbia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Turkey, UK, USA). Randomisation is the best way to separate cause and effect, but while large, simple RCTs can provide definite answers to simple questions, we also need to find ways to address the fact that complex interventions are always changing. Therefore, I am very interested in RCT designs that go beyond the traditional simple trial design – biomarkers, adaptive designs, flexible manuals – while also recognising that each adaptation adds complexity.

Sommersemester 2023
200089 SE Vertiefungsseminar: Klinische Psychologie und Gesundheitspsychologie - Randomisierte Studien in der Evaluation psychologischer Interventionen
Wintersemester 2022
200159 SE Vertiefungsseminar: Klinische Psychologie und Gesundheitspsychologie - Evaluation psychologischer Interventionen: Randomisierte Studien
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